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The world's first and largest digital marketplace for Racehorse non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by ERC-1155. All racehorses are backed by their physical counterparts.

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The revolutionary features

The Next Generation of Ownership

Buy and sell racehorses at ease

The ERC-1155 introduces a standard for NFT, in other words, this type of Token is unique and can have different value than another Token from the same Smart Contract. The syndicate will be split into token-based shares to be traded on the Maxima platform, where share-owners can gain access to a transparent account of a horse’s history.

No more complicated process

No middlemen with slow efficiency involved in transactions, complicated transfer processes are simplified.

Great price transparency without hidden fees

Every sale of an item is recorded on the blockchain and the data is publicly accessible, it greatly increases price transparency. This could benefit investors and collectors.

Liquidity & Accessibility

With shares transfer made available through blockchain, we are able to construct diversified racehorse portfolios for owners and client exposure for service providers.
Maxima Racehorse

How It Works


Creator KYC + Mint

A racehorse NFT is minted once the horse is verified and the creator passes the KYC


Syndication / Auction Listing

A racehorse is either fully owned by a user or shared by multiple users in fractional shares


Purchase or Bid

A user buys or bids on a unique racehorse for a Genesis-NFT

Always in the loop

Our co-owners will be given the opportunity to watch their racehorse develop through every stage of its life, from a young and excited yearling, full of potential and hope, to a fully developed racehorse.

Accountability and Authentification

One of the key attributes of NFTs is that it can help with verification and authentication processes as each NFT is unique and can’t be reproduced.

Royalty Payments

We enable racehorse NFTs to go further by integrating royalties, which are payments made to a creator (initial horse owner), everytime their racehorse share is purchased. Unallocated royalties will no longer be a problem.

More than a NFT

Own. Race. Earn. Repeat.



Racehorses price escalate when they win races, giving themselves higher asset value


Royalties / Staking

Creators receive royalties from every transaction onwards. Users enjoy interests from staking $MAX


Tournament Bonus

The bonus with extra $MAX to owners whose racehorse performs well in the tournament rank

Token-Based Syndication

Maxima Racehorse Marketplace

To be one of the first

Maxima will facilitate the crossover from “asset to experience”, overseeing everything from caring for and training the horses to arranging experiential days for token-holders; the management of which is also executed using smart contracts on the blockchain.


The $MAX Token

Total token supply
Initial Circulating Supply
Presale price
Public Presale (5%)IDO (10%)Advisors and Partners (10%)Team (15%)Private Sales (15%)Reserves & Rewards (45%)Public Presale (5%)IDO (10%)Advisors and Partners (10%)Team (15%)Private Sales (15%)Reserves & Rewards (45%)


The $MAX Utility


Users buy exclusive racehorses with $MAX or joining a race


Staking $MAX on Maxima DeFi platform and other DeFi pools


Rewarded with bonus in accordance with the participation rate

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing to users from race-horsing events


Voting rights for influencing the governance of Maxima blockchain

Exclusive Offers

Special campaign offer within a limited period and club offering



  • $MAX Token Private Sales and internal testing
  • Partnership with initial suppliers
  • Private investment, Audit, and KYC

2022 Q1

  • Marketplace Alpha launch on Testnet
  • $MAX Token Pre-Sale
  • Partnership announcement

2022 Q2

  • Marketplace launch on Mainnet
  • Maxima Token Listing & IDO
  • Racehorse auction

2022 Q3

  • Marketing Campaign & INO launch
  • $MAXD launch with extended wallet options
  • Gamified Horse training and racing features

2022 Q4

  • Marketplace Mobile App launch
  • Horse-racinng Livestream and IoT
  • Personal NFT Dashboard

2023 Q1

  • Maxima Social Platform and Governance features
  • Maxima DeFi Products and cross-chain solutions
  • NFT loans/rentals usecases

2023 Q2

  • Horse Breeding and Nurturing Plans
  • Maxima Stud Book on Blockchain
  • Ecosystem Integration: Social, Financial, Farming

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Our Team

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    Jacky Lam

    Business & Strategy

    Horse Lover. Chairperson of China Zhengde Wealth Management Limited.

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    George Jor

    Engineering & Data

    8 years of Software Development experiences. Investment Banking Developer. Former 9GAG Software Engineer. Owner of a global IT agency.

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    Vincent Lee

    Financial Technology

    Former CTO and engineering manager of several Cryptocurreny exchanges including Coinbama and Tidebit. Master of science in Information Technology in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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    Oscar Chan

    Blockchain Engineer

    Smart contracts design and implementation. Previous notable projects include developing an NFT marketplace and a cryptocurrency (ERC-20) that could be traded. First class honours in The University of Hong Kong.

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    Jonathan Tse

    Business Development

    10 years of experience in trading and financial markets. Ex- Equity Derivatives Trader at JP Morgan.

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    Amber U


    Community Manager at Hex Trust. Blockchain Advocate, Influencer and Networker.

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